Emergency Hot Water Repairs

Perth Plumbing Pros & Gas know how important your hot water system is to your family. Our team of plumbers have decades of knowledge and experience to make sure your hot water system is running at its best. This will help keep your costs to a minimum.

Regular Maintenance of Hot Water Systems – Perth-wide

By calling in the help of Perth Plumbing Pros and Gas, we’ll identify if your hot water system needs to be repaired or whether it is at the end of its life. We can install a brand-new hot water system on the same day in most instances or a temporary hot water unit to keep you in hot water where your chosen system is a few days away.

This way you can choose the best system for you. We will recommend from our experience the best, the best value, the cheapest and tell you why we recommend a particular system for your home. Periodic maintenance will also prolong the life of your unit and we recommend replacing the anode of your hot water system every 3-5 years.

If you don’t know what an anode is, and your hot water system is old, then get us to put in a new anode to prolong its life for you. The cost of replacement hot water systems can be prohibitive, making regular servicing invaluable over the long term. 

Emergency Hot Water System Repairs and Replacement

When things go wrong and you require a fast solution to get you back into hot water. Our emergency hot water repairs and/or replacement service operates 24/7. This means you get to have your hot water system repaired when disaster strikes. Should your hot water system be beyond repair, we can provide emergency hot water system replacement quickly, and at competitive prices.

Generally, for guaranteed same day installation bookings must be made prior to 12pm so we can get the system and install it. However, we often put in an emergency hot water unit to last to the next day when we install the final hot water system.

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Perth Plumbing Pros and Gas supply and install a complete range of hot water services through our wholesale hot water system connections. This includes

  • Gas hot water systems
  • Storage systems
  • Instantaneous systems
  • Solar hot water systems

So if you woke up to cold water this morning, get on the phone to us and we will get you back into hot water before the day is out.

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