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We had to call Quokka plumbing out at 9pm to fix a burst pipe. They were so kind and fast. Can’t recommend them enough.
Very informative in discussing all aspects of choosing and installing a new hot water heater. Highly recommended!
I called and booked an appointment as majority of the taps in the house we just purchased were leaking. Plumber gave us a quote for a house tap package where all the taps matched throughout. We were very happy with the price, the genuine friendly service, and the workmanship. Our house has a more modern appearance now, maybe I will look at replacing the toilets next. Highly recommend this business.
Quokka plumbing were excellent. Robyn came over and fixed our blocked drain efficiently and cheaply with no mess. My husband and I still can’t believe how cheap the job was! Thanks Robyn.
This one word sums up our experience with Perth Plumbing Pros.

New Home purchase! we moved into drains overflowing and blocked up toilet.

Robyn came out and fixed our issues, very respectful, professional lady. Robyn keep me informed during the entire service about what the issues were and what was required to rectify everything.

My husband and I are entirely satisfied and will use QUOKKA for any Plumbing or Gas needs from now on.
Robyn Walker
I was panicking when my drain blocked especially in the evening when the kids needed the shower and the toilets. Robyn calmed me down and with her expertise, she managed to get it unblocked and showed me where the problem is so next time when the same thing happens again I can point it out to the next plumber. Very recommended!
Such prompt and friendly service. Price good too. Robyn is a great plumber.

Was so happy with the prompt and friendly service. Robyn is the best plumber I’ve ever had.

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