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Proper installation of a hot water system is the best way to protect yourself from having to deal with problems like rust, splitting, and serious damage to other appliances.

Hot water Installation – Perth metro

Save you up to 80% on your energy consumption with the right hot water system.

Call today to ask one of our HWU (hot water unit) specialists for an obligation free quote/advice on how to save money and be more energy efficient. 

Our experienced team of skilled plumbers, electricians and gas fitters makes us the top choice for Perth homeowners. Whether you need to repair or install a gas or electric hot water system, you have come to the right place.

Call us if you need to repair or replace your system, and don’t hesitate if you have an urgent problem. We will make sure one of our professionals arrives as soon as possible and attend to your issue. With their fully equipped vans, they will be able to repair your hot water system straight away. 

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What you need to know about hot water systems

What system is the right fit for you?

Are you asking yourself this question if your looking to get a new system? We can help pick the best fit for you and for your property.

The types of hot water systems we can help with:

Gas – natural gas is a good option if you have the connection for it. It’s cheaper than electricity and because gas rates don’t vary throughout the day, gas hot water systems can heat water as needed.

Installation typically takes no more than 2-3 hours. A 4 person household needs a tank of about 135 – 170L, you can also have instantaneous gas hot water systems installed.

Solar – consists of solar collector panels and a storage tank. A four-person household typically needs about four square meters of solar collector area (two panels) and a 300L-360L tank. You need a large tank to allow for days with less sunlight (or more hot showers than usual).

If your panels can’t be installed in an ideal location, they may be less efficient and you’ll need a larger collection area. The storage tank usually has an ideal location, they may be less efficient and you’ll need a larger collection area.

Comparatively expensive and time-consuming to install. The installer will need to inspect your home to plan the installation, but the actual installation should usually be a day’s work or less. A well-chosen system will pay for itself in the long run due to its low running costs. There are also Government rebates and other incentives that can help offset the purchase cost.

Heat Pumps – a much more efficient form of electric storage tank system that works on the same principle as a fridge or air-conditioner, by extracting heat from the air and using it to heat the water tank. Units are usually integrated (tank and compressor together) but can also be split (separate tank and compressor).

Installation typically takes no more than two or three hours, if it’s a straight replacement for a similar heat pump or electric storage HWS. The compressor can be loud, like the outdoor unit of an air-conditioner, so you shouldn’t install them too close to neighbours homes.

They tend to work best in warm and temperate regions, but there are models designed to work well in cold climates too, and most systems have a booster element for days of cold weather or high water usage. There are also Government rebates and other incentives can help offset the purchase cost. 

Perth hot water system maintenance

How do I know when my hot water system needs a service?

Signs you need to book a maintenance repair for your hot water system:

  1. Hot water leaks are a pretty clear sign that you need to book in a maintenance appointment.
  2. Discolored water from the system – a huge red flag that there may be rust in your system!
  3. The unit is making strange sounds such as creaking, cracking, or popping.
  4. The pilot light keeps going out.
  5. The water from the system smells – again another red flag that there may be something wrong with the system.
  6. Fluctuation heat or pressure from the hot water.

We have servicemen that can come to you anywhere across the Perth metro area for hot water system maintenance. Give us a call today to make sure your hot water system never leaves you cold. 

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